Data Analytics II Project
CS/STAT 5526 Spring 2017

Project Report

For the class project, you will conduct research with the goal of producing findings worthy of publication at a conference. The project should be done in groups of 1–5 students, and should feature a novel application of data analytics. You are welcome to incorporate this project with any other research you are working on, and you may include collaborators outside the class as long as you are doing a substantial proportion of the research yourself.

You will write a 6–10 page paper on your findings due at the end of the semester, reporting your contribution, background material, evaluation (experiments and/or analysis), and conclusions.

The final paper should have the usual structure of a scientific paper:

Your paper can use any format you prefer, but it must have font size no smaller than 10-point. In a separate file, describe each person's contributions to the project.

The final project report is due at 11:59 pm on May 3rd, the last day of classes. Submit your project report on Canvas.

Include the writeup, a brief statement about each team member and external collaborator's contributions to the project, and brief statement about whether you're willing to have your paper posted on the class website.

Grading Criteria

The project will be graded with the understanding that research takes an unpredictable amount of time, and this project is done under the strict time constraints of a class project. Nevertheless, your work should demonstrate

I will grade using the following breakdown as a guideline, and I will make adjustments to ensure you get a fair grade.